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YOURology News — Summer 2019

June 01, 2019


Support Men’s Health Month – Get Into the Blues

For one day in June, join us in wearing a healthy shade of blue. Men and women across the country are encouraged to wear blue on Friday, June 14, in recognition of National Men’s Health Week, which begins June 10.

Men’s health is a family issue, so everyone should help raise awareness of preventative practices, as well as common illness symptoms, to encourage early detection. When it comes to men’s urinary health in particular, many disorders are treatable when caught early.

The first step is scheduling regular exams, even when there aren’t symptoms. The Urology Group has plenty of educational materials on hand to help keep the men (and women) of your life healthy.

The Gentlemen Stakes Is Growing Fast!

When it comes to fighting prostate cancer, The Urology Group runs with the best, and we want you to join us. Our 12th annual prostate cancer run to benefit ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer has added two new family-friendly attractions.

In addition to our 5K walk/run, live entertainment and other activities, The Gentlemen Stakes 5K at Belterra Park will offer:

  • A one-mile family run/walk. This course will take place off the horse racetrack, where the 5K starts and finishes, to make it easier for strollers and people who want to avoid the distance of the full 5K.
  • A Kids’ Zone. In addition to the Kids’ Superhero Trot, the little ones can enjoy a special Kids’ Zone area, which will feature activities to help work off that extra energy.

Why participate? In 2019, nearly 175,000 men are expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer, but caught early, the five-year survival rate is 99%. Thanks to all of our partners who help us raise funds for this important initiative, including Mercedes Benz of Fort Mitchell for once again being our Winners’ Circle sponsor.

So, gather family and friends and recruit your teams now, and we’ll see you on Saturday, September 14!

Register today:

Don’t Sweat UTIs: Preventative Measures for Summer

It’s an unfair fact of nature that some of our favorite summer pastimes could also lead to health conditions. For women in particular, certain activities present higher risks of urinary tract infections

(UTIs). UTIs occur when bacteria grow in the urine after entering the urethra, infecting the kidneys, ureters and/or bladder. They are common – 40% of women experience a UTI at least once in their lives.

In the summer, the risks of UTIs become even greater, largely due to dehydration and damp conditions. Here are two quick tips to avoid UTIs this summer:

  • Drink lots of fluids. Dehydration may increase the risk for UTIs since water helps clear the urinary tract of bacteria.
  • But also stay dry. Wearing a wet swimsuit all day is like hanging up a “welcome” sign for bacteria, which love a warm, humid environment. Rather than letting the suit dry on the body, switch to shorts.

Don’t let the risk of UTIs or other preventable conditions throw a wet towel on your summer fun. Common sense is the best prevention. Enjoy the pool!

From the Lab: 3 Exciting Initiatives

When it comes to health conditions, the tiniest organisms can be the biggest culprits, which is why The Urology Group’s lab team is busy utilizing innovations in medical testing and research.

From infection-detecting microbiology to genetic evaluations, our laboratory team provides the full range of cell and organism examinations, biopsies and blood tests. Here’s a look at some exciting innovations.

  • Molecular microbiology: The Urology Group’s laboratory team can look at the genetic makeup of bacteria and other organisms in a patient’s urine. This is intended for patients with chronic, recurring urine infections that do not respond to antibiotics. Using the sample’s molecular profile, our lab can help the urologist determine the best course of treatment for each specific patient.
  • Genetic testing (BRCA): The BRCA gene test is a blood test that detects a patient’s increased risk of developing cancer. If a man tests positive for the BRCA gene, his lifetime risk for prostate cancer is up to 15-25%, and he is at risk for developing a more aggressive/life-threatening cancer at a younger age. The Urology Group uses this test to determine if genetic mutations might be passed on to family members, including sons (prostate cancer) and daughters (breast and ovarian cancers).
  • Genomic testing: A cancer diagnosis is particularly scary because of the “unknowns.” Our use of genomic testing creates a molecular profile of a patient’s prostate cancer to determine if the patient is at low or high risk for developing a more aggressive form of cancer. These results help the patient and urologist decide on the best treatment.

Lastly, our lab team knows that every second counts. We continue our mission to reduce the wait time after diagnostic tests, for improved outcomes in every aspect of care

Medical Care on the Road: 6 Tips for Seeking Urgent Care While Traveling

Experiencing a medical emergency while vacationing can be harrowing, in the States as well as abroad. So as you plan your summer vacation, fold these six precautionary measures into your plans. The benefits will outweigh the bit of time needed to research and plan, even if all you get is peace of mind.

  1. Look into the nearest hospitals and clinics.
  2. Review your health insurance policy to be sure coverage extends out-of-state (or country).
  3. Carry an emergency fact card with your medical information.
  4. Contact the U.S. embassy if you experience a medical emergency while traveling abroad.
  5. If traveling in a foreign country, know enough language basics to ask for help.
  6. Carry the basics of a first-aid kit.

These pre-trip precautions may not be as aspirational as reviewing photos of a resort hotel, but a few minutes of precaution could spell the difference between a quick recovery or critical outcome. Happy travels!

On-Site Pharmacy Offers Ease and Discretion, Getting You Home Faster

The Urology Center surgery patients no longer have to wait to have prescriptions filled. Family members can pick up prescribed medications for loved ones while they’re in surgery. Our in-house pharmacy, in Norwood, fills prescriptions written by physicians within and outside The Urology Group. Plus, you can download the app and get medication reminders and request refills on certain prescriptions.

Save time and help get your loved one home quicker by using the pharmacy at The Urology Group. Visit our website for details:

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