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Need help locating your account number on the billing statement? Click here to see an example.

Thank you for providing your account number. Please review the following questions to continue with online bill pay.

1. Please confirm that your billing statement matches the color and format of the example shown below.

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Yes. I confirm that my billing statement matches this example.

No. My billing statement does NOT match this example.

Please call the phone number on your bill for help or confirm the account number your entered above matches the number on your bill and try again.

2. Review the following locations and select the office where your visit or procedure took place:

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If your office is not listed above, call the phone number on your bill for help.

Before you click “Pay Online” make sure you have the following information handy:

  • Be sure your bill is from The Urology Group in Cincinnati, Ohio and Tri-state area.
  • Your patient account number. Your account number can be found near the top right of your bill. This is the same number that you entered above.
  • Your credit card. The Urology Group currently accepts Discover, Mastercard and Visa. Unfortunately we no longer accept American Express.
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