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YOURology News – February 2024

February 26, 2024


If you enjoy college basketball, and you don’t want to father more children, March is your month! We call it VasMadness because once your 15-minute vasectomy is completed, you get to spend the next few days on the couch watching tournament basketball. It’s a win-win!

Not convinced you’re ready for a vasectomy? We’ve debunked three common myths to help you decide.

Myth 1: Your Sex Drive Will Decrease

Not true! A vasectomy simply prevents your body from releasing sperm. It doesn’t affect your erection, sex drive, or performance. In fact, your sex drive may increase because you no longer have to worry about pregnancy.

Myth 2: It doesn’t always prevent pregnancy

For the most part, this is not true. Once your urologist confirms that your semen is sperm-free (it takes about 20 ejaculations to make this happen), a vasectomy is 99.85% effective at preventing pregnancy. Before you get that confirmation, another method of birth control is necessary.

Myth 3: It’s a painful procedure

Nope! First your urologist will numb the area with a small shot that feels like a pinch. Then you might feel some pressure from the small cut in your skin, and some tugging while your vas deferens are located and snipped. But it’s over in 15 minutes, then you relax on your couch for a couple of days with an ice pack while watching basketball games. And, if you need a little extra incentive, we offer Nitrous oxide sedation if you prefer.

If you’re ready to schedule your vasectomy, call us at (513) 841 7400, or schedule online here. Regardless of the team you’re rooting for, we’re on YOUR team when it comes to helping you with family planning.


If you’re living with chronic conditions and could use some support, we offer a program to help. Cosan is for Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes and high blood pressure). It’s designed to help you manage your condition and stay on track with your health goals by having a medical professional periodically contact you.

Eligible patients receive the following at no charge:

  • At least 20 minutes a month of care management services by phone
  • Monthly phone check-ins to help keep you on track, answer questions, and guide you to better health
  • Coordination of care between your pharmacy, specialists, testing centers, hospitals, and more

Find out if you’re eligible and get started here, or call (513) 845-3324.


Last week The Urology Group was recognized as a finalist at the Health Care Heroes Awards presented by the Cincinnati Business Courier. And we’re ecstatic! Here’s why:

The award recognizes an event we held March 29, 2023, on the 50th anniversary of the departure of the last American troops from Vietnam. With The Urology Group’s history of recognizing veterans, we wanted to do something special on that date. So we organized a celebration for those who served, along with their family and friends.

This event – which was free to the public – drew nearly 2,000 people to the Cintas Center for an evening of entertainment and honor. Local celebrities and military brass joined us to provide Vietnam Veterans, many who endured grueling conditions, the welcome home that they deserved but didn’t receive when their service ended 50 years ago.

We couldn’t have done it without many local sponsors, especially GE Aerospace, Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation, and Xavier University Veteran & Military Family Center to whom we are so grateful.

We didn’t plan the event to be recognized with an honorable award. We did it because it was the right thing to do. But it is incredibly humbling to be considered a finalist of the region’s Health Care Heroes as a result.

View Vietnam event highlights video here or below.


Sign showing St. Rt. 562 will close for construction.You may have heard eastbound travel on the Norwood Lateral will be closed for maintenance work from March 10 to May 23 (estimated completion date). This will affect patients headed to our Norwood location from I-75, and those leaving our Norwood location heading towards I-71. Then, a Phase II closure is planned for late May through September.

To keep the inconvenience as minimal as possible, we’ve created this map with alternate routes, also available on our website. Please be sure to allow additional time to get to your appointments during that time.


Starting April 22

If you see Dr. Stephen Bennett in our Anderson office, beginning April 22 he will move a short distance down the road to a new location.  His new address will be 7525 State Road, Suite B, Cincinnati, OH  45255.

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