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YOURology News – September 2023

September 18, 2023


Since 2013 we’ve been the only urology practice within 100 miles to treat prostate cancer patients with CyberKnife. This non-surgical, pain-free treatment option delivers radiation to cancer with sub-millimeter accuracy. “We think it’s the best tool for sparing healthy tissue which means our patients can maintain control of their bladder and remain sexually active following treatment,” explains Dr. Peter Fried, medical director for Radiation Services.

Together, our dedicated team has treated more than 3,000 patients, some traveling thousands of miles for this specialized approach.

Congratulations on this 10-year anniversary to:

  • Dr. Peter Fried – Radiation oncologist and Medical Director for Radiation Services
  • Dr. Matthew Bertke – Radiation oncologist
  • Dr. Jeffrey Grass – Radiation oncologist
  • Sanja Bias – Medical physicist
  • Rebecca Novak – Radiation therapist
  • Heather McGeorge – Radiation therapist
  • Kerry Gifford – Radiation Center coordinator
  • Kerry Walker – Front desk specialist
  • Lori Weber – Front desk specialist

Learn more about CyberKnife or request a consultation here.


Treating erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to be painful. Or costly. ED is typically caused by poor blood flow in the penis. The Urology Group offers a pain-free therapy that stimulates blood flow by applying low-intensity shockwaves to several points on your penis. It feels like a light tapping—nothing more. Over time, these 15-minute treatments have shown to increase blood flow so that erections can occur more naturally.

Most men experience improvement after just six treatments, while others get even better results after 8 to 12 treatments. You can save on low-intensity shockwave therapy with these bundle options:

LiSWT pricing chart

Bring spontaneity back! Get started with a free virtual consultation with one of our advanced care providers. They’ll tell you more about the procedure and if you’re a candidate, can schedule your treatments.

Call: 513-758-8585





When a routine doctor visit led to a diagnosis of urothelial cancer, Kathy was dumbfounded. She was always took care of her health. Her urologist, Dr. Stephen Bennett, told her that the standard treatment at the time for urothelial cancer was removal of a kidney and the tube leading from it. But Kathy didn’t want to spend the rest of her life worried about the health of her remaining kidney. If the cancer spread, would she eventually need that kidney removed as well?

Under Dr. Bennett’s watchful eye, Kathy took her time deciding what to do, and the waiting paid off. A new treatment called JELMYTO was approved by the FDA during the wait. Today, thanks to JELMYTO, Kathy is enjoying the life she had always planned. She is cancer free with both kidneys intact. Watch Kathy tell her story. Watch how JELMYTO works here.



Gregory Broughton, MD
Fairfield and Middletown

Dr. Broughton graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in 2007, where he also received his urology training. LEARN MORE.

Christian Dewan, MD
Northern KY

Dr. Dewan completed his medical school education at the University of Tennessee in 2018 and completed his residency in urology at University of Tennessee Health Science Center in 2023 in Memphis, Tennessee.  LEARN MORE.

Anne Scott, MD
Fairfield and Middletown

Dr. Scott graduated from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in 2009, then completed a surgical internship and urologic residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. LEARN MORE.

Dr. Larry Zhao
Pathology, Norwood

Dr. Zhao graduated from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in 2009 and received his surgical and pathology training at the University of California, Harvard Medical School, University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. LEARN MORE.


Each year Easterseals Redwood honors local veterans with Honor Ride, a Saturday morning bike ride to recognize and raise funds for veterans who need assistance. The Urology Group was a proud sponsor of this year’s Honor Ride on August 19.

Surgery schedulers Lisa Oncay (left) and Kristine Von Holle (right) prepare for Honor Ride with Lisa’s husband Mark. (right).

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