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YOURology News – Jan 2021

January 11, 2021

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Don’t let the pandemic interfere with your health. That includes taking advantage of even the most routine measures to protect your wellness.

Health screenings are essential for preventing illness and giving you peace of mind, and our staff continues to take additional precautions every day to ensure your safety.

We recommend scheduling an appointment if you need any of the following:

  • Unusual urinary symptom. Patients should not ignore any unusual urinary symptoms, such as urinating frequently, especially at night, or experiencing a burning sensation. These could indicate a serious health issue. There is help for conditions like overactive bladder, incontinence, and recurring urinary tract infections, so the earlier you’re seen the more treatment options you have.
  • Annual exams and routine follow-ups. If you’re due for a follow-up for any condition or treatment, schedule an appointment.
  • Annual prostate check. Some research suggests that putting off a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test has caused an increase in advanced prostate cancer cases. Men 50 and older (or younger if at higher risk) should have an annual prostate exam.
  • Urinalysis. This quick test detects conditions ranging from urinary tract infections to kidney disease.
  • Surveillance cystoscopies. A procedure in which a tiny camera seeks abnormalities in the urethra and bladder. The American Urological Association recommends those at risk of bladder cancer should undergo regular surveillance. High-risk patients include smokers and men 55 and older.

Even if you feel great, we recommend following your normal routine exam schedules. To request an appointment, call 513-841-7400 or request an appointment online.



About 500,000 American men elect to have a vasectomy each year, according to the Cleveland Clinic. And it’s likely many of them feel a little anxious at first. We get that – a vasectomy (male sterilization) is a major decision involving a sensitive body part. That is why The Urology Group continually invests in education to make the process comfortable and to dispel misunderstandings. Let’s start by explaining what happens during this outpatient procedure.

The job of a vasectomy is to block sperm from entering the semen, which is achieved by cutting and sealing two small tubes in the scrotum that serve as the sperm’s pathway. In about 30 minutes, and two or three stitches later, the entire procedure is done. Almost all men elect to stay awake for the quick procedure, from initial numbing of the area to stitching up.

Here are 5 common myths (and reality checks) about vasectomies: 

Myth 1: You will no longer produce semen.

Reality: After a vasectomy, sperm are absorbed by the body, but other components of semen are still produced.

Myth 2: It’s going to hurt.

Reality: Although a vasectomy takes place in a very sensitive area, we apply numbing medication before treatment, and you feel no pain during the procedure. Afterwards, some men experience swollen or achy testicles for about a week.

Myth 3: You won’t be able to achieve an orgasm.

Reality: Testosterone levels are not affected, so patients can continue to perform sexually and achieve orgasms. Hair distribution and voice pitch are not changed either, as some men fear.

Myth 4: Birth control is not needed immediately after a vasectomy.

Reality: You’ll need to “clear the tubes.” It could take a few months (and several ejaculations) for viable sperm to clear out after a vasectomy. Birth control is advised until a physician determines complete sterility.

Myth 5: Insurance won’t cover it.

Reality: Many health insurance policies include at least part of the vasectomy cost. The procedure also may qualify as a health savings account expense.

A vasectomy should always be approached as a permanent solution; therefore, we recommend talking with your partner about the decision first. However, there are cases when a physician can reconnect the severed tubes and restore fertility. This is called a vasovasostomy, and success rates are highest if performed within three years of a vasectomy.

If you’re considering a vasectomy, don’t let the myths stand in your way. It’s likely you know someone who’s had the procedure, and most will tell you their initial fears were unfounded. Talk to them, then confirm what you hear with your urologist.



Recognizing the sensitivities of both the nature and cost of erectile dysfunction (ED) medication, The Urology Group is offering home-delivery options on ED prescriptions – at highly competitive prices.

A key factor that inhibits some men from seeking ED medication is the embarrassment they may feel in discussing treatment in a public place, like a pharmacy. If you live in Ohio, you can now have your ED prescription mailed directly to your home from our onsite pharmacy in Norwood. You can even pay by phone – for easier, more convenient transactions (some shipping charges may apply).

The Urology Group’s pharmacy staff, who are experts in men’s health, can answer questions about ED with discretion. These private pharmacist consultations are especially important to men who are taking the medication for the first time and may have questions about cautions and side effects.

Want to know more? Contact our pharmacy at 513-841-7508 or


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