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Meet Vickie

June 03, 2019


Before her treatment at The Urology Group, Vickie was living in fear. Her quality of life was limited by the constant need to be within a short radius of the ladies’ room.

“I had the InterStim put in and it has been a huge success,” she shares. “I can go out in public and I’m not afraid anymore. I don’t have to know where every single bathroom in the city is because I don’t have to go every five minutes,” she says with a happy sigh.

With a tiny, undetectable pacemaker implanted in her bladder, Vickie has the freedom to be herself again. Now, she is back to being a fun grandma.

“I can go to the zoo and museums with my grandkids. I’m not afraid to go outside and play with them now,” she says.

Vickie has experienced a drastic lifestyle change and wants others with incontinence issues to experience the joy and new opportunities that InterStim therapy gives her.

“It has improved my life so much. There was minimal pain—there weren’t even any stitches involved,” Vickie explains. “Within a day, I was back to my normal routine.”

“I’ve been to places where they treat you like you are a number and not a person. Not here,” she says of The Urology Group. “Everyone is very friendly and treats me like a member of the family. I love Dr. Roedersheimer. She is fantastic! She changed my life.”


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